Owen Owns the Arena


Owen, Enjoying Hippotherapy 

Owen’s already perched on Paco’s back in the arena when we arrive at Triangle Therapy this evening, and from the look on his face, it’s clear that he thinks hippotherapy is THE way to do physical therapy. Mid-exercise, he looks up, smiling as he sees us lined up along the fence, and waves.

 What a welcome!  We’re thrilled to see Owen and his mom, Amanda, again. Since last summer, when Owen’s hippotherapy was focused on speech, he’s made great progress, Amanda tells us. “Your gift made such a difference – his speech has improved so much!”

We watch as he completes each task his therapist, Shannon, gives him. He’s riding backwards, up on his hands and knees, (can you do this?), enjoying every moment. “He’ll try anything he’s asked to do in hippotherapy – he loves it!” Mom says. “When we’re at home during the week, he’ll say ‘hippotherapy!’ and he’s ready to go.”

Just a few weeks ago, Owen had a cardiology appointment. He’s doing well – no shortness of breath, and with plenty of energy.  With that seemingly boundless energy, you’d never guess that Owen was born with all four chambers of his heart open. They’re repaired now, although there is still a significant leak. The warmth and ebullience that flows from this little boy is amazing.

Owen’s playing T-ball this summer. He’ll start kindergarten in the fall and he’s assigned to full-inclusion classes following recent teacher evaluations. WAY TO GO, OWEN!

Owen was born with Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome. He’s been in therapy from the time he was an infant, but last summer’s speech therapy, the gift from YOU, Jacob’s Fund’s supporters, was his first time using the horse as a therapy tool.  

When Paco is tucked back in the barn, Owen joins us and Bernie shows him the photo he's taken of him. Owen's face lights up. As we all head back to our cars, Owen halts and asks for a group hug. He gathers his mom, Bernie, and me together and we squeeze each other tight.

Who could ask for a better sendoff? Thanks, Owen!

P.S. Mom Amanda gave us a message for Jacob’s Fund’s donors, who make these small miracles possible – Thank you! Thank you for your gift!

If you’d like to be part of our mission of hope and love, helping children live the best lives possible – as Jacob Noah Beachy would have us do – please consider making a gift to Jacob’s Fund. Jacob’s Fund supporters provide financial support for children with developmental impairments whose families cannot afford the cost of using the horse as a therapy tool. Donating is quick and easy; simply go to our Facebook page, Jacob Beachy Fund, and click the DONATE button. We also welcome your check; please send it to:

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