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What I Understand

  Barb, Following Jonah and his Therapist All of us at Jacob's Fund feel so strongly about the benefits of hippotherapy and therapeutic riding and the caring, integrity, and passion of the therapists and staff of the facilities we work with that we urge friends and supporters to visit these therapy centers and see for themselves.  That's what Barb Lintner did this spring.  Here are her thoughts: For several years my friend Glenna has shared with me the passion she has for McKenna Farms in Georgia.   She told me about the experiences she and her family had when her grandson Jacob was a client there.   We talked about taking a trip there so I could see firsthand all the things she described to me in such glowing terms.   Finally, we made the trip a few weeks ago.   The size of the farm really surprised me.   Not only is there a barn and horses, there are many buildings used for physical therapy treatments.   I was really impressed with the Sensory Trail that was