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Corbin, Beating the Odds

Corbin grooming his horse We met five-year old Corbin,and his mom on a beautiful Thursday evening in the serene countryside in southwestern Ohio that Triangle Therapy Services calls home. As Corbin prepared his horse for the session – helping taking the horse from the stall, grooming him, completing all the necessary steps, we watched him carefully follow the pictured directions in order while we talked with his mom. Corbin had been up since 6:30 a.m. and spent the entire day undergoing a series of tests at a hospital almost two hours from home.   Mom said she could tell he was tired, but at 8:15 p.m. he had completed dozens of exercises his therapist had designed for him, including doing sit-ups and holding his hands in the air – all while balancing on the horse, laughing and smiling.   And he still had enough energy to play on the swings and the slide in the playground when hippotherapy was over. Therapy = fun on a horse This lively little boy fi

Miller, Back in the Saddle

Miller, all beautiful smiles We at Jacob’s Fund find getting to know the children we provide scholarships to and their families greatly rewarding. We have missed that these past few months During the months of Covid-19 closures, both our partner facilities, McKenna Farms in Dallas, Georgia, and Triangle Therapy Services in Eaton, Ohio, have been providing telehealth therapy while working hard to ready their therapy centers for in-person therapy. In June, both centers had completed modifications and put in place safety protocols, including mask-wearing and sanitizing procedures, so that hippotherapy and therapeutic riding could resume. So we were excited to meet Miller and his family at Triangle Therapy Services early this week to watch his hippotherapy session. “How will we recognize him?” we asked Triangle’s director, Margi Benge. “Well, he’s an adorable little blond boy,” Margi told us.   Miller with his speech therapy team She is so right.
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