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Eli's Peace

Eli We always want you to know what we are doing at Jacob’s Fund with the money you donate to provide hippotherapy and therapeutic riding to children with developmental impairments whose families are unable to pay for using a horse as a therapy tool.  But we feel that knowing why we do it is easily as important. Visitors to our site, and our Facebook page, Jacob Beachy Fund, know that we carry in our heart our beautiful grandson, Jacob Noah Beachy, and it fills us beyond measure. It is his spirit, his kindness, his love that we want to pass on to other children. Because he loved hippotherapy at McKenna Farms, Jacob’s Fund covers the cost of using horses in therapy, which is not covered by private or public insurance, at McKenna Farms and other therapy centers There is a reason Jacob loved McKenna Farms, where he rode “his” horse, Major. Members of our Mission Teams from Christ United Methodist Church express their feeling that McKenna Farms is a speci