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David's Letter

This letter brought me to a tear-filled standstill.   In the midst of a busy spring and summer for Jacob’s Fund ( thanks to you, we’re providing more Jacob’s Fund riderships than ever before!)   We’d slipped into a flurry of activity without having time to let each child’s individual story sink in. We have a request – do we have an application? How about the necessary documentation? Did we have a conversation with the parent? The therapist? While processing requests never becomes simply a matter of checking all the boxes, the need to do things right (and right now) with as many as twenty-five children current Jacob’s Fund Kids has kept us hustling. David and Applejack   It’s overwhelming to think about the number of children with desperate needs to learn to walk, feed themselves, write their names, speak, and interact with others.     The process takes time, but we move as quickly as possible, because, as Georgia’s program to that provides support to familie