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Opening up the World

Jacob H. and Mom, Misty We met with Jacob H. and his mom, Misty, at McKenna Farms on a perfect spring morning. Jacob comes early in the day so that his mom can make it to work on time.  As we sat in Maria’s Place, the gazebo that honors the memory of a young woman who also required therapies at McKenna Farms, I recalled his mom’s application letter for a Jacob’s Fund ridership, which began “I am writing to request a scholarship to help out with my son, Jacob, for services not covered by my insurance, at McKenna Farms . . . Jacob is six years old and is nonverbal  . . . (he) is having a great deal of trouble at school because of his disability of being unable to communicate. . . Jacob’s doctor feels the horse therapy will improve his gait.” Though he’s shy and doesn’t talk, I know from the photos Misty has shared with me that he’s a fun-loving little boy who enjoys playing. Officer Jacob H., at your service           Since Jacob’s Fund began, we’ve learned that way too