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Sammy, With an "S"

Samire’s Story Dear Jacob’s Fund friends:   Your support changes children’s lives in astounding ways.   Know that.   Be proud. You’re making good happen, changing the outcome of children’s lives.   One of my jobs is talking with parents of children who are Jacob’s Fund “ridership” recipients.   My first contact is usually by phone.   I take that call in my office, not because that’s where the computer, paper, and pens are located, but because there’s a box of tissues on my desk. When I’m talking with a mom or dad whose disabled child is walking, running, or talking for the first time as a result of hippotherapy or therapeutic riding that YOU provided, it’s likely to be a conversation that involves tears.   These families’ stories are part heartbreak, and much triumph and hope. Today I talked with Sammy’s mom. At birth, Sammy weighed one pound, seven ounces and was just twelve inches long.   Born at twenty-four weeks gestation, and without a cerebellum, ti