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Untethered, Unfettered, Free

"In riding a horse, we borrow freedom." ~ Helen Thompson Hyacinths, Standing up to Cold Winds The wind blows, and it’s chilly today, like an April Fool’s joke on spring. The purple hyacinths along our walk disregard that insolence, though, and stand upright, resilient despite their fragile appearance. We at Jacob’s Fund haven’t packed away our winter gear; we’ve seen snow in April.   Our plan to escape the Ohio Valley’s uncertain spring weather? We are heading to McKenna Farms! We have made several April trips to the farm therapy center in Dallas, Georgia, often with mission teams. Our work teams have painted, stained, mulched, planted shrubs and flowers, curried horses and dug ditches. We’ve also gotten to know the children for whom Jacob’s Fund provides financial support for hippotherapy. We’ve met with the staff, therapists, and volunteers who work together for the benefit of children with developmental impairments. Volunteer Leading a Ho