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What a Mom, What a Mom, What a Mighty Good Mom!

  Jonah, with mom, Amy   I usually write about kids for Jacob’s Fund’s blog. Jacob's Funds kids are courageous, smart, funny, beautiful, and irresistible. They’re working hard to overcome the difficulties their impairments have brought into their lives. This time, though, I want to talk about moms, because I’ve thought a lot about them since our trips over the last two weeks to Hilltop Equestrian Center and McKenna Farms. Kelli, Tara, Shae, Chanta, Linda, Amy, Melissa, Dana, Laurie, Jennifer, Melanie, Sarah, Mary, and others I’ve failed to name: you know who you are.   These moms belong to a special sorority, one they didn’t ask to join. Moms of kids with special needs do all the things every mom does: laundry, cooking, cleaning, paying bills, driving kids to appointments and practices, playing, being silly, laughing and crying.   They also change diapers for children who are well past the age and size diapers are designed for.   They puree three