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Our Mail

Princess Elyse and Tigger Jacob, Halloween 2005 Check out our Halloween photo of one-year-old Jacob and his sister,Elyse! Mail - we all get it. Most of us look froward to it. At Jacob's Fund, our mail, both snail and email, often contains powerful stories like this:  “My son has Down syndrome. He goes to McKenna Farms and with their help he is accomplishing things we were told he never would. A lot of that is due to our Speech Language Therapist introducing us to hippotherapy . . . WOW IT CHANGED OUR LIVES!! He’s like a new kid; I never would have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Unfortunately, we are having difficulty paying for it. He presently rides once a week; he should be riding twice a week but we can’t do it.” – Parent of a four year old boy With a Jacob’s Fund ridership, this little boy will be in hippotherapy twice a week and his mom will continue to thrill at his life-changing progress.  This week we’re visiting McKenna Farms in