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Isabella, Sugar and Spice

   Isabella, kissing Gus   “How’s Isabella?” I ask her mom, Linda.   I met and talked with Linda and Isabella a few months ago, just after Jacob’s Fund began sponsoring Isabella’s therapeutic riding.   I remembered Isabella as a quiet little girl who clearly loved her therapy horse, Gus. “She’s progressing as a normal kid, very outgoing, she speaks her mind and has lots of common sense.   She’s healthy and happy,” Linda says of her daughter. I feel like cheering.   Isabella is autistic and struggles with a language disorder.   Speaks her mind?   Outgoing?   You go, girl! Linda goes on to give me some examples.   At school recently, she cut her head, just a small cut, fixed with a Band-Aid, but it bled.   Isabella blotted some of the blood on the paper she was working on.   Her teacher was momentarily startled until Isabella spoke in a dramatic voice, “I am signing my paper in blood for you.”   She often displays that dry wit in class, the teacher tells Linda.