Owen on the Trail


Owen, ready for a trail ride.

"Owen has shown a tremendous draw to the horses during therapy time,” Margie Benge, of Triangle Therapy Services, wrote me when she recommended him for a Jacob’s Fund scholarship.

When we met Owen in late October, nothing could have been more obvious. Once his mom, Amanda, had helped him out of his seatbelt, Owen made straight for the barn and his horse, Dusty. When he slowed down long enough for introductions, he smiled, waved, said hello, and then quickly returned his attention to Dusty. We understood – Jacob felt the same way about his horse, Major.


Fall hippotherapy is all about pumpkins!

One of the most rewarding parts of our work with Jacob’s Fund is meeting the children and their families. They remain in our hearts, and we love sharing their stories. Amanda and Josh, Owen’s parents, have four children. This afternoon, Owen’s twin brother and little brother accompanied him to hippotherapy. They played on the playground while Owen rode Dusty and we talked with Amanda. In the midst of this happy little collection of brothers, we found the clouds and chill of that gray Monday falling away. We were more than a little smitten.

Amanda and Josh didn’t know, before he was born, that Owen had the extra chromosome that causes Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome. His twin does not. Owen has been in therapy since he was born. This summer, his therapist recommended hippotherapy to improve Owen’s muscle tone, core strength, and balance, as well as his gait pattern.

Owen and his brothers pause to pose (?) for a photo with Mom.

All three therapy disciplines – physical, occupational, and speech – use the horse as a therapy tool to allow children to maximize their potential, thereby leading to a richer, abler, and more fulfilling life. That’s what we want for Owen. That’s what we want for all children.

 Granting a scholarship to Owen and kids like him always makes us feel as if we are participating in hope and love. Jacob would want that for other kids. We want you, too, to share in that. If you’d like to be a part of this mission of hope and love, we welcome you into the fold. Jacob’s Fund supporters provide financial support for children with developmental impairments whose families cannot afford the cost of using the horse as a therapy tool. We rely on your donations to fund hippotherapy and therapeutic riding for Owen and other children. No contribution is too small, and we can assure you that your heart, too, will be filled, knowing that you have helped kids experience their best possible lives. Donating is quick and easy; simply go to our Facebook page, Jacob Beachy Fund, and click the DONATE button. We also welcome your check; please send it to:


Jacob’s Fund

1630 Tipperary Dr.

Middletown, Ohio 45042-3875

Thank you.


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