Miller, Back in the Saddle

Miller, all beautiful smiles

We at Jacob’s Fund find getting to know the children we provide scholarships to and their families greatly rewarding. We have missed that these past few months

During the months of Covid-19 closures, both our partner facilities, McKenna Farms in Dallas, Georgia, and Triangle Therapy Services in Eaton, Ohio, have been providing telehealth therapy while working hard to ready their therapy centers for in-person therapy. In June, both centers had completed modifications and put in place safety protocols, including mask-wearing and sanitizing procedures, so that hippotherapy and therapeutic riding could resume.

So we were excited to meet Miller and his family at Triangle Therapy Services early this week to watch his hippotherapy session. “How will we recognize him?” we asked Triangle’s director, Margi Benge.

“Well, he’s an adorable little blond boy,” Margi told us.


Miller with his speech therapy team

She is so right. Miller is seven, and, as his mom, Holly, describes him, “a fun little guy.” In the outdoor arena, Miller’s smile lit up his face and lifted our spirits every time he rode past us on Dusty, his horse. Miller’s speech therapy includes identifying objects, retrieving them, and placing them where he is directed. While these and other exercises on the horse expand his vocabulary and improve his speaking ability, they also increase his core strength, balance, and motor skills.

Born with cerebral palsy and severe gastrointestinal problems, Miller receives occupational and physical therapy as well as speech therapy. He enjoys living on a farm with his mom and dad and brother Andy.

Miller's family

Miller tried hippotherapy for the first time last summer and it was very beneficial. Since then, he’s grown, and he continues to improve. This summer’s hippotherapy will ensure that he has the opportunity to make even further strides.

Jacob’s Fund provides scholarships for hippotherapy and therapeutic riding to children like Miller. We are glad to see them back in the saddle. Your caring support helps these children live their best possible lives. Donating to Jacob’s Fund takes only a few seconds: please go to our Facebook page, Jacob Beachy Fund, and click the “Donate” button. No donation is too small, and you’ll know that you are making a positive change for Miller. Thank you.  

Watch this space later this week to meet two more children who are receiving scholarships for hippotherapy this summer at Triangle Therapy Services.   


  1. I can't thank you enough for helping out with Miller. As you have already noted, he certainly is a very special boy who has a smile that melts every heart he meets. He is truly a blessing to our family....and so are you!
    Miller's Grandma.

    1. We are so excited about Miller's progress and pleased that we have been able to be a part of that.
      Jacob's Grandma


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