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Princess Elyse and Tigger Jacob, Halloween 2005

Check out our Halloween photo of one-year-old Jacob and his sister,Elyse!

Mail - we all get it. Most of us look froward to it. At Jacob's Fund, our mail, both snail and email, often contains powerful stories like this:

 “My son has Down syndrome. He goes to McKenna Farms and with their help he is accomplishing things we were told he never would. A lot of that is due to our Speech Language Therapist introducing us to hippotherapy . . . WOW IT CHANGED OUR LIVES!! He’s like a new kid; I never would have believed it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes. Unfortunately, we are having difficulty paying for it. He presently rides once a week; he should be riding twice a week but we can’t do it.” – Parent of a four year old boy

With a Jacob’s Fund ridership, this little boy will be in hippotherapy twice a week and his mom will continue to thrill at his life-changing progress. 

This week we’re visiting McKenna Farms in Dallas, Georgia, where we will meet some of the children and families Jacob’s Fund supports through hippotherapy riderships.  We’ll have more stories to share in the next few days.  We hope you’ll follow us, because these kids’ stories are thrilling, emotional, and often astounding.  Stay tuned.


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