Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Happy Birthday, Hudson!

Hudson with Mom, Ashley

“Hi, I’m Hudson,” said the cute little red-haired boy with a winning smile. He readily introduces himself when he meets new people. Hudson turns ten today. He’s open and energetic, plays sports, and is on a swim team

Hudson was born with Down syndrome. He began therapy at three months through Babies Can’t Wait, a program for young children in Georgia. With ADHD, OCD, an immune deficiency, and a severe hearing loss, he has a lot on his plate for a little guy. When we met Hudson, he was between medications to control some of those issues. His doctor had taken him off the medication he’d been taking when he gained fifteen pounds in three weeks.

His speech is amazing, especially with Down syndrome and the degree of hearing loss.

His Occupational Therapist, Jeanna, says “In therapy, we have been working on higher level skills for increased independence such as self-care, responsibility, safety awareness, and emotional and self- regulation. Thus far, the approach has not met Hudson’s needs. . .  Through Therapeutic Riding Hudson would have the opportunity to address those same skills but in an environment that is highly motivation and meaningful to him. . . Therapeutic Riding could help Hudson reach his full potential.”

Happy birthday, Hudson, and happy trails.

Thank you for your gifts that make it possible for Hudson to take Therapeutic Riding. If you’d like to donate to Hudson’s equine therapy, we make it easy on our Facebook page, Jacob Beachy Fund. Just click the DONATE button. We also welcome your checks, sent to Jacob’s Fund, 1630 Tipperary Drive, Middletown, Ohio 45042-3875. If you’d like to know more about Jacob’s Fund, hippotherapy, or therapeutic riding, please contact us at 513-423-0108.

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